AGHRM app is mobile app targeted to help extend AGHRM employee and manager functions to our customer workforce via mobile devices. It is supported on both iOS and Android platform

How to:

  1. Download the app
    1. iOS - Go to App Store and search for "AGHRM". Download and install the app
    2. Android - there are 2 ways of installing AGHRM app
      1. Play Store - Go to Play Store and search for "AGHRM". Download and install the app.
      2. For Android phones without Google Play Store, go to for instructions on how to install AGHRM into their Android Phones.
  2. Open AGHRM app and click on edit icon.


3.    Update the URL to your company URL (Kindly get the correct URL from your company administrator)

4. Login with the same credential as your login at desktop web version. (ID: employee, PW:12345)

5. Below is the main page after login.

Applicable Roles:

  • Employee
  • Manager

Supported on:

  • iOS
  • Android