AGHRM helpdesk is only meant for designated administrators for our clients. We do not provide employee support directly.

How to:

1. Go to 

2. Knowledge base – No waiting time is required. FAQ’s is available in option (a) and (b).  

a. Search enquires by entering a keyword

b. Go to Knowledge base section to view all FAQs 

3. If you are unable to find any related articles, you can raise a ticket to our customer support by clicking on “+ New Support Ticket”.




4. Fill in your email address, name, subject, description and attachment (If any)

Things to note:

  • Please ensure the entered email address is correct.
  • Please indicate your portal URL so that our customer support will be able to assist you efficiently. 
  • If you are reporting an issue, try to attach a screenshot for troubleshooting purposes and provide us with as many information as you can in the Description field.



5. Click on “SUBMIT” button to submit the ticket. A message “Your ticket has been created.” will be displayed and you will receive an email notification.




6. Our customer support will do the necessary actions and reply you accordingly. 


7. If you wish to view the historical ticket or check on a ticket status, you will need to create an account in the ticketing system. Click on “SIGN UP” button and register an account.


8. You will be redirected to the Login page and “Successfully registered” message will be displayed on screen.


9. To activate your account, inform our customer support to trigger an activation email.

Once received, click on the URL in the email.


10. An account activation screen will be displayed. Enter your details and click on “ACTIVATE AND LOG IN”.

11. Go to “Tickets” tab, a list of your tickets will be displayed. You can click on the ticket name to view the status or enter additional information if any.


Applicable Roles:

  • Administrator
  • Manager