For the submission of IR8A to Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, companies will need to furnish the correct details about the company. The article will cover what are the details required for IR8A submission.

How to:

  1. Please follow the steps below.


    1.           Go to Personnel -> Manage Personnel -> Company.



    2.           Click on the company name to view the details of the company.

    3.           Fill in the fields as follow.


      1. Update Company Address if it’s changed. 
      2. Select Source as Private Sector (if your organization is a private company or business) 
      3. Select the type of the registration number that your organization is using with IRAS.
      4. Enter the Tax reference number.
      5. Click Save 
  2.  Below show a list of Company Registration and Tax Declaration information.


    To find out more about the UEN number and tax reference number to declare for your company, please visit:


    Types of Organization

    - Private Sector

    - Statutory Board

    - MINDEF

    - Govt Department

    - Others


    Tax Reference No (UEN No.)

    UEN Local Company Registration number issued by ACRA


    (e.g 200312345A)


    UEN BUSINESS Registration number issued by ACRA


    (e.g 52912345A)


    ASGD Tax Reference number assigned by IRAS


    (e.g A2500123J)


    ITR Income Tax Reference number assigned by IRAS


    (e.g 2001123456X)


    UENO Unique Entity Number others


    (e.g T08LL1234A)


    GSTN Goods & Services Tax number issued by IRAS


     (e.g. M91234567X  or MR2345678A)

    Applicable Roles:
    • Personnel Administrator
    • System Administrator

Supported on:

  • Web portal only