Employer with 7 or more employees should sign-up for the auto-inclusion scheme. 


Employers do not need to distribute hardcopies of the IR8A/ IR8S/ Appendix 8A/ Appendix 8B to their employees anymore as employees can view their annual remuneration via the Income, Deductions and Reliefs Statement (IDRS) at myTax Portal.


AGHRM supports two formats of submission:

Submission Type

Submission Media


IRAS Income Tax

Via IRAS website

This is a free service

Crimson Logic

Via Crimson Logic PatLine website

This is an electronic application developed by CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd and subscription is required.

How to:

1. Export to IRAS 

1.1 OVP (Offline Validation Program) Format

1.  Fill in the necessary details, Interface type and click on Process



2.  A text file will be generated for your upload.

3. Go to below link for a detailed guide on how to submit to IRAS




You can also download a Free IRAS Validation Offline tools to help check the tax content before uploading to IRAS Website to reduce the waiting time online for the validation results. The guide is also available.

Download Link:


 1.2 API Format (New) 

Note: The logged in account must be the Company’s Authorised Personnel.

  1. Go to PAYROLL > IRAS Process > Export to IRAS, under “Type” select “API” and make necessary selection in all the drop down.

2. Click on “Validate” for validation, result will be displayed and employer will have to change the form if there is any error. It is advisable to validate the data before submit it to IRAS.




If the Error Message is “NA”, IR8A can still be submitted to IRAS. Warning Message does not deter the submission to IRAS. 


If the validation is successful, click on “Submit to IRAS”. Users should receive email notification from IRAS for every submission.



Upon completion, employer can release the form in AG portal for employees’ retrieval.

2. Export to PAT Line


1.  Fill in the necessary details and click on Process.

2.  A text file will be generated for your upload.



There is a validation tool by Crimson Logic. Kindly login into your PAT/Crimson Logic account, click on “PAT Online Validator” on the Menu column. 



Please ensure that you have check the IR8A, Appendix 8A, Appendix 8B and IR8S content before finalizing your Submission to IRAS.


If there is a need for any amendment after the final submission, this will be done on IRAS Website for IRAS System users or Crimson logic system for PATLINE users.


To avoid additional submission information, do ensure all details are checked and correct before finalizing the income Tax submission.

3. Validation & Submission Application Guide

  1. IRAS has a free Validation program to check your IRAS File


    Step 1 (Install Application)


1.       Under IRAS website (, click on Businesses > Employers > Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) for Employment Income > When and How to Submit > Submit Employment Records.

2. Click on Submit with Payroll Software Click Validation and Submission Application Version 10.0 to download > Save the file under Desktop.

3. Launch by double-clicking the AIS Salary File Validation and Submission Application from the desktop.



 4. The screen below will appear.


Step 2: Validate the IRAS file


  1. Click on Next, Click Browse to select the IRAS File generated from AGHRM payroll system. 


  1. Select the file to validate and click Open button to load the selected filed into the application file. Once done, the Validate button will be enabled.
  2. Click Validation button to start the validation process for the selected file.


If there are error(s) detected:


3. Please rectify all the errors within the payroll software and regenerate the file from the payroll software.

4. To save the list of error(s), click Save Errors to File.

5. You can Email us by sending us the error log file if you are unsure on how to rectify the error.

6. Once there are no errors, the message File validation is successful will be shown.

7. Click Next to proceed.

Step 3: Verify Summary of File


  1. Please verify the summary of the file before submission to IRAS.
  2. You can view the individual employees’ records at the bottom row of the file summary. Each row represents one employee’s record.



  1. Click Validate another file, if there is more file(s) to be submitted to IRAS.
  2. Once ready, click to login to myTax Portal to submit the file(s).

    • The individual employee’s record summary is applicable to Form IR8A only.
    • Maximum number of files per submission is 4. If there are more than 4 files to be submitted, you have to repeat the validation and submission process for the remaining files.

Applicable Roles:

  • Payroll Administrator
  • System Administrator

Supported on:

  • Web portal only