The file is supposed to be in text file type but when clicked on ‘Process’ for Payout, it turns to other kind of file type (Ex: asp). System will not support employee’s bank account that contain dashes. To ensure the file for payout is successfully processed in text file type, a few steps are needed :

How to:

I. Check on whose employee’s bank account details contains dashes

        1. Go to Personnel -> Manage Employees -> Reports 

        2. Click on ‘List of Employees with Bank Records’ Report and go through the list to check on each employee’s bank account details

       (A common cause are the bank account of new hires or new bank account number updates)

II. Change on employee’s bank account details

        1. Personnel -> Manage Employees -> Employees -> Search for employee -> Click Bank 

        2. Check on the Account No to remove dashes -> Click Save


Applicable Roles:

  • Payroll Administrator
  • System Administrator

Supported on:

  • Web portal only