CPF submission file is using *.DTL extension. For most companies, there are no application associated with this DTL extension. Hence, the system does not know how to open this file. Below is a screenshot for your reference.

*.DTL can be opend by Wordpad or Notepad which are default application in your Windows system. Below are the steps on how to open the file including how you generate the DTL file as well.

How to:

1. Go to Payroll -> Execute Payroll -> CPF Submission

2. Select Submission Options, Company, CSN – CPF Submission Number, Year, FWL Options and Month -> Click Generate

3. System will prompt with a message to save the file -> Click arrow beside the Save button to either Save/Save As and choose where you want to save the file in your computer -> Click Save

4. Go to the file you saved -> Right Click on the file -> Click Open With -> Select Notepad/Workpad


(Note : You may tick the checkbox for ‘Multi company submission’ under Submission Options if you are submitting for few companies using the same CSN – CPF Submission Number)


Applicable Roles:

  • Payroll Administrator
  • System Administrator

Supported on:

  • Web portal only